Affordable Wendy Houses in Cape Town 

We manufacture, supply and install in Pretoria North:

  • Large Wooden Wendie
  • Wendy House
  • Mini Wooden Cabin
  • Staff Quarter
  • Wooden Guard Hut
  • Doll house
  • Large Log Cabin
  • Wooden Tool Shed
  • Wooden Dog Kennels
  • Add-On-to-building
  • Jungle Gym


Why Choose 

A wooden wendy house provides a practical solution for the ever evolving space problems. When you need more working space, living space, playing spaces like doll houses or just some extra space to store goods a wooden wendy house or similar wooden structure can be the perfect answer.

Depending on your build option most wendy houses Cape Town , are moveable structures that you can move to another space on your property, or you are able to disassemble and take it with when you move.

N.H.C.T Wendy houses and other wooden structures all come with a 5 year warranty. The wendy houses are fitted with fibre cement or or galvanised corrugated iron roofs. All our wendy houses Cape Town, have sturdy wooden floors and glass fitted windows. All of the walls are manufactured from oven-dried graded SA Pine.

What Are the Different Types Of Wendy Houses?

Louvre Wood Wendy Houses 

Louvre wood is a great, cost-effective option for an attractive wendy hut.

Knotty Pine Wendy House 

Knotty pine is generally loved for it’s attractive and interesting patterns.

Doll / Play Houses

Provide a safe space for the kids to play in with many guaranteed hours of fun! Our wooden doll houses are usually painted with bright colours for the kids.

Small Cabins

We manufacture and build small wooden cabins when you need that little bit of extra space.

Thatch Roofs

We have expert thatch craftsmen who will get the job done right!

Interior Additions

Depending on your personal style and preference we can add almost any interior additions to your log cabin.


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