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Nutec and wendy houses in Cape Town Though we pride ourselves in not only offering the best materials and service we realize that your log home or cabin is according to your wants and needs, NOT OURS!! We strive to meet each of your requirements.We believe that construction is an ART and each of our projects is a masterpiece by itself. We have redefined opulence and magnificence in all our projects. Our mission is to deliver the BEST to the masses Nutec Timber Homes, Nutec Wendy Houses, Nutec Classrooms, Nutec Offices, Nutec 1Bedroom Units, 2 Bedroom and 3 bedroom houses

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What We Do 

Nutec houses in cape town

Nutec Houses 

Not only do we manufacture and install Wendy houses, Nutec Wendy Houses,  Nutec Wendy staff rooms, Nutec Classrooms, Custom designs, decking, , Modular Nutec Houses, 1 Bedroom Nutec Home, 2 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom Nutec Timber Homes and much more.  We approach every project as a solution that should exceed expectation.

We  provide a wide range of  exterior and interior Options for our customer to choose from, Nutec Wendy Houses,


Wendy Houses 

We deliver and install all types of wendy houses to your exact requirements in Cape Town . So if you need a log cabin, playhouse for your children, garden shed for your tools, additional living space, guard house or a garden studio let us know and we will design and build your imagination.

All our wendy houses are manufactured from treated timber to prevent natural damage and keep pests out. Please keep in mind that the cabin is made from a natural product and wood like any other product does need care over time to keep it beautiful and strong.

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Dog Kennels 

Wooden dog homes are a better choice than plastic kennelling. Although plastic may be lasting longer as expected (not always the case) than wooden products, they are not the best environment for animals. Plastic dog houses are colder in winter and much warmer in summer than wooden houses especially if they stand in the sun or cold outside with no shelter. They may have their advantages but wood when maintained correctly and frequently will last a life time! Wooden products need to be maintained, oiled or treated regularly against the sun and rain not to penetrate the wood.


Kid’s Play House 

We build & manufacture childrens’ wendy houses, forts, elevated play houses and customised furniture for children of all ages to play safely in and enjoy. We have created the sizes, styles and dimensions of all play houses to suit gardens of all sizes and to not only be an amusement for the kids, but a pleasure to look at too.

We are now also offering raised play houses with slides, climbing walls and cargo nets.

Welcome to a new world outdoors, filled with great excitement & imagination offering children a new dimension of playing in the garden or the school playground…

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Guard House 

We install all types of guard rooms Guard  houses are fitted with fibre cement  or galvanised corrugated iron roofs. All our wendy houses have sturdy wooden floors and glass fitted windows. All of the walls are manufactured from oven-dried graded SA Pine.

All our wood is sources from responsible suppliers in the industry and carries all the quality assurances for the product. We ensure our sourced wood is renewable, durable and will withstand our South African climate.

What Our Clients Are Saying ?

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    “I highly recommend Nutec houses in Cape Town  for anyone looking for custom built Nutec houses . I am so happy with my Nutec house and I was really shocked that you did all that for such an affordable price. Thank you!”

    Mrs Tonder
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    “Nutec Houses in Cape Town  really impressed me with building my tool shed and didn’t expect the budget to get me shelves and storage space. I love the final touches you did to ensure I have enough room to store everything . Thank you very much guys!”

    Johan Smit
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    “Wow, I didn’t expect our Wendy house to be this beautiful and homey, thank you Nutec Houses In Cape Town  What a lovely job your team did we would like to add an extra layer to our Nutec  house in the future so we look forward to meeting you again.”

    Abongile Ndlovu
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    “You have really created the space I was going for because I have been looking for a private area to do my art work and this place is just perfect. Thank so so much to everyone who was a part of building my Wendy house studio.


    Andre Deviliers

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